Our prices are negotiable and they are established by mutual agreement with the client.

There can be discounts or price increases depending on the following factors: the text’s difficulty degree, the deadline, the language and the load of work.

In translation the standard page has 2000 characters, spaces included. If your document has a Microsoft Word format you can evaluate its length by accessing Tools>Word count (Word '97-2003) or Review>Word Count (Word 2007-2010).



For interpretation/translation services the charges apply per hour, undivided. It is necessary to make an appointment for a favorable solution. For translations with a high difficulty degree it is charged a 25% tax, after the negotiations made with the client.


The emergency charge is 50 % for translations delivered in the same day.

Because we are specialized in the following fields we can consider ourselves specialists in:

Authorized translations of documents
• Diplomas and Studies related documents
• Personal documents
• Authorized translation for documents and official papers

Juristic Translations

Technical Translations
• Authorized translations in the Auto field
• Industrial Translations

IT&C Translations

Financial and Banking Translations
• Banking Translations
• Financial Translations
• Accounting Translations
• Commercial Translations
• Economic Translations

Medical and Pharmaceutical Translations

Business Communication Translations
• Media and publicity translations
• Marketing translations

In addition to our translation services we also offer connected services:

Interpreting Services

Even if you talk about business meetings, conferences, seminars, delegation meetings, auctions, focus groups, job interviews or interpreting services for different social events we are here for you ready to take part at the development of international relations.

We offer rectifying and revising services for translations made by other translators. For collations the price is that of 50 % of a normal translation of a document into/ from the given languages.
Notary Legalizations

It is no need for you to come to our office in order to obtain the legalization of your documents! We come to your support by offering you this facility for free.
Superlegalization / Apostille

Documents in conformity with the Hague Convention.

For more details about these procedures, you can consult